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assets-capital-managementSophisticated Asset Allocation Models

In general, as stated under Investment Philosophy, Journeyman is a conservative, value-based advisor. However, within that context, we have created a range of 12 different asset allocation models, ranging from Short-Term and Very Conservative models (portfolios 1 and 2) to Aggressive and even Very Aggressive models (Portfolios 11 and 12). We are prepared to implement a client’s investment requirements along this full spectrum.

Within our models, using state of the art technology and research from Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Morningstar, Standard & Poor’s and many other sources, we select best-in–class mutual funds and ETFs from over 15,000 possible choices, as well as countless individual direct investment options to construct our client portfolios.

Periodic Investment Monitoring

Volatility in the equity and fixed income markets is inevitable. We periodically review your investments to determine what changes should be made to meet your goals.

Equity Plus Account

For certain accredited investors, Journeyman offers the Equity Plus account, a separately managed account that makes direct investments in equity and fixed income securities, long and short, as opposed to mutual funds or ETFs. These accounts are managed by Journeyman and a Journeyman partner, Charles H. Hoeveler.

Equity Plus Account Investment Philosophy:

  • Invest in Competitively-Advantaged, Well-Managed Businesses that Benefit from Secular Tailwinds.
  • Invest at Attractive Valuations – as defined by a forecasted 15-20% Internal Rate of Return (IRR). We seek to capitalize on market volatility to move our portfolios to a superior combination of high business quality and low risk of loss.
  • Allow intrinsic value to compound, benefiting from appreciating securities prices.
  • Engage in Limited Short Selling and/or the purchase of short ETFs to hedge against downside risk and to take advantage of poorly positioned and/or overvalued businesses.

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