Insurance and Other Services

Insurance and Other Services

In addition to investment management services for your defined contribution roll-over plan, IRA accounts and other brokerage accounts, Journeyman offers an array of insurance and other products to meet your needs, now and in the future.

These Services Include:

Social Security Advice Disability Insurance
Annuities Group Health
Life Insurance College and Retirement Planning
Long-Term Health Care Estate Planning

These services are provided by Journeyman or with licensed service providers selected by Journeyman based on exceptional reputation, quality and reasonable fees. All fees are fully disclosed in advance.


Financial Planning Advice

Journeyman offers retirement planning as an optional service. We do this to ensure that the investment recommendations we make are suitable for a particular client’s situation – we take into account a client’s age, anticipated retirement income from social security, pension or profit sharing plans, securities, annuities or real estate and other investments; anticipated retirement spending; the amount one wants to leave as a legacy to children; the amount of life, disability and long-term care insurance in place (if any); and similar matters.

For this purpose we provide we ask a client to prepare a Journeyman Client Retirement Assessment Form which provides us with the information we need to provide our advice.

Together with our Client we then prepare a Client Financial Blueprint. The Financial Blueprint assists the client in planning for and achieving a meaningful retirement.

We find that a simple but comprehensive approach to retirement planning works best for our clients.


Journeyman uses its best efforts to achieve client investment goals. That said, securities markets are inherently risky and volatile. Loss of investor capital is always a risk. No assurance can be given that Journeyman will meet the expectations or goals of any one particular client.

Thereafter we schedule periodic meetings with our client’s to review their investments make any necessary modifications to the client’s investment strategy. The goal is to provide straightforward advice in a manner that is easy for the client to access and helpful in planning the client’s retirement years.

Get the investment advice and financial planning services you need from an experienced, talented advisor.

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