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client-interview-capital-managementClient Interview

The Client Interview is an important part of the Journeyman experience. Our motto is: “You Interview Us/ We Interview You. Together We Find a Shared Vision.”

As discussed under the heading Retirement Planning, the Client Interview begins with a review of the Journeyman Client Information Form and Journeyman Retirement Planning Worksheet. These forms have been designed to ensure that you are thinking about necessary aspects of your retirement years, and to provide us with necessary information with which to advise you and to select an investment strategy from the four asset allocation options we offer. See Investments.

Journeyman’s financial advice is generally regarded as conservative. For some prospective clients, we are simply not the right choice – for example, a client may think that it is appropriate to make investments that are inherently riskier than we wish to make. This is fine – this is the time to determine if Journeyman is a good fit. And, similarly, because we keep our investment minimums low, Journeyman is not able to respond to every question or concern a client may have concerning the management of his or her money or modifications to his or her retirement plan. For a client who believes that the time is right, for example, to buy XYZ security, because they believe the company is undervalued, or because a relative works at the company, we may not be a good fit. We may respectfully disagree. To the same effect, a different type of client, one who wishes to use a disproportionate share of their retirement capital for living expenses, or capital expenditures (e.g., to buy a new boat and trailer, fun to own, to be sure, but costly in light of the client’s available resources), may not be a good fit for us. We may respectfully believe that the money should be invested in the hope of earning a return. This is the purpose of the Client Interview.

In many cases, after the Client Interview, the client may decide that Journeyman is the right fit. When this occurs, the Client and Journeyman execute a Private Client Investment Management Agreement. We then begin the process of managing the client’s money entrusted to us.

At that point we say, “Welcome to the Journeyman Family!”

For a list of the forms we use to manage the client interview and money management process, please click on Client Forms on this website. Your investment consultant can provide you with copies of these forms.

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