Capital Markets Reform

capital-markets-reformCapital Markets Reform

Journeyman conducts its business on virtually all of the major United States security exchanges and many foreign security exchanges. We invest in companies both in the United States and abroad where, based on the information publically available to us, the investment appears to be a solid opportunity for our clients.

In that context we are committed to the concept of transparent, responsible, reputable and ethical practices on the exchanges through which we trade, and at the companies in which we invest.

Unfortunately, transparency and ethical behavior is not always the case. As you know, the news is replete with examples of companies in which reputable practices were not followed to the point of, in certain situations, serious corporate misconduct or even fraud.

Journeyman’s Chairman is fortunate to serve as a lawyer in a law firm in which the maintenance of appropriate conduct by commercial enterprises is the firm’s life’s work. And, in fact, governmental and private sector union funds have played a long-standing and important role in the maintenance of fairness and transparency by both exchanges and companies to shareholders. For more information on this aspect of the Journeyman culture, please see Our Chairman, Mr. Leppla, would be pleased to discuss Lieff Cabraser’s legal practice with you.

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