Jouneyman Mission and Principles

capital-management-integrityJourneyman Capital Management Mission and Principles


Wealth Creation Through Principled Investment. Journeyman’s priorities are Capital Preservation, Income and Growth.

Core Principles

  • Journeyman Provides Investors with the Sophistication and Risk Management of an Actively Managed Equity and Fixed Income Separate Account Facility.
  • Journeyman Principals invest their personal capital alongside Journeyman clients. Your strategy is our strategy.
  • Journeyman Provides Complete Liquidity at a Client’s Command. There is no minimum “lock up” period.
  • Minimum Investment Commitment of $150,000 – Clients can expect comprehensive investment research and thoughtful, responsive Client service.
  • Journeyman’s Interests are Aligned with Your Interests.


Through our interview process, a client’s investment goals are aligned with Journeyman’s desire to provide suitable investment strategies. Journeyman seeks preservation of capital with realistic income and growth of assets, in an effort to ensure that a client’s retirement assets meet the client’s investment goals.

  • Investor Suitability – Journeyman listens to a Client’s objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons. Investment plans are designed with the individual Client in mind.
  • Transparency – Clients know what investment positions they hold.
  • Journeyman’s Principals Are Always Available for Consultation.
  • Journeyman Provides Quarterly Investment Letters with Results and Portfolio Analysis.
  • Journeyman is a fiduciary to you, not a broker – we do not « sell » an idea, or sell from inventory – we are disciplined investors, investing with you.
  • Journeyman is never on the other side of a trade from a client.
  • Journeyman never sells or promotes investment bank « in-house » products.
  • Journeyman does not accept any form of Compensation, Brokerage Fee, Vendor Discount or “Soft-Dollar” arrangement to place client business.

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