Becoming a Journeyman Client

capital-management-become-clientBecoming a Journeyman Client

Client Interview

The Client Interview is an important part of the Journeyman experience. Our motto is:

“You Interview Us / We Interview You.
Together We Find a Shared Vision.”

The Client Interview begins with a review of our Client Information Form and Risk Assessment Questionnaire. We gather necessary data from you to determine a suitable investment strategy. This includes your stage in life, risk tolerance, net worth, income and cash flow and personal goals. These forms have been designed to ensure that you are thinking about necessary aspects of your retirement years, and to provide us with information to assist you in choosing your model asset allocation portfolio. See Individual Investment Services/ Client Interview.

Client Application Process

Our Client Application Process is simple and easy. We provide you with the following documents:

Journeyman Client Application Documents(all in one download)

Instructions on How to Become a Journeyman Client
Client Information Form
Client Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Client Brokerage Account List (for transfer to Journeyman). Or, if it is easier, simply provide us with copies of your Current Brokerage Account Statements.

TD Ameritrade Client Account Opening Documents

1) TD Ameritrade Account Transfer Form;
2) TD Ameritrade Standard Account Application;
3) TD Ameritrade IRA Account Application;
4) TD Ameritrade Trust Account Application; and
5) TD Ameritrade Monthly Account Statement (sample).

Journeyman Investment Advisory Agreement – Please contact Mark Cordone for this Agreement.

Once You Are a Client

  1. We work with you to transfer your investment accounts to TD Ameritrade; and
  2. We provide you with important Client documents in a separate Client Binder. Those include copies of your Client Information Form, Risk Assessment Questionnaire and executed Investment Advisory Agreement; and other documents that provide information about Journeyman’s compliance with California, SEC and FINRA regulations.

Please call Mark Cordone at 925.789.0963 or email Mark at to answer any questions you may have.

Note: Our Client Forms can be filled out online and printed and sent to Journeyman by email or mail. See Client Forms.

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