About Journeyman


About Journeyman Capital Management (Journeyman)

Journeyman Brings Wall Street Investment Expertise to Individual Investors with Integrity, Transparency and Results

Journeyman Capital Management (Journeyman) is a full-service, independent registered investment advisory firm based in San Francisco, California. Journeyman provides high value, personalized investment management services as well as a suite of insurance and other services to union workers and retirees.

Journeyman was co-founded by Mark J. Cordone and Bruce W. Leppla in 2011. We understand the hard work that went into earning your retirement savings, and how those assets need to be invested to meet long-term goals. When considering a roll-over from a Defined Contribution or Annuity Plan, Journey is well positioned to offer high quality, professional investment services.

We provide a “square-deal” to our clients. We are dedicated to the union worker. “Investment Advocate for Union Workers” is our company slogan.

Please consider Journeyman for your investment management and insurance needs. We are honored to serve you.

Welcome to the Journeyman Family!

Get the investment advice and financial planning services you need from an experienced, talented advisor.

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